Why Unconventional Training? Because it’s CONVENIENT!

People get lost in the hype - and mold their lives around one training discipline, & wonder why they eventually plateau, burn out, or worse get injured.

But what these people don’t see is that these Training Disciplines are not walks of life, but TOOLS to FULFILL our lives!

As a Kinesiologist my goal was to create a Hybrid Program that would build strong, mobile, and athletic bodies - while maintaining the integrity of your joint health!

Calisthenics, Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebell Sport, Powerlifting, Body Building are all components used to build and create IGNITE. Lotus Training’s FIRST Hybrid Weight Training Program.

-Get Strong
-Get Mobile
-Get Lean
-Get Fast

-Weekly Check-In’s
-Macro Calculations
-How to Find your 1RM Protocol
-12 Weeks Worth of Progressive Training
-5 Day Split with Optional Active Recovery Days
-100% One on one contact with the trainer
-Form check and correction via video
-Results only

*All Lotus Training Programs can be modified to fit your particular needs, injuries, or demands. Inquire within.